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How to Choose Cowhide Bags and Woven Bags in Summer
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2012-04-17

How should we choose the cowhide bags and woven bags in Summer? Here are some suggestions below for you.
For the cowhide bags in the summer, we strongly recommend customers we should choose top grade cowhide bags for sure. This kind of bags are of good hand feel and superior quality usually, they have longer usage time and are easier to take care of than general cowhide bags. They can be washed by water, even the oil. However, top grade cowhide bags are of extremely high price which bother all the customers.
At last, woven bags are the best choice for you. This kind of bag is fit in Summer. It is not pollution and no threat at all. This kind of natural bag is what we should use in the hot days.

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