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Suggestions to Get a PU bag in Summer right
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2012-04-18

If you want to use PU bags in the summer, some suggestions below may help you.

1.You need to choose them with extreme caution. As you know, low-quality PU bags are very hard to take care of. If this kind of bags turns dirty after days’ usage. What’s worse, low-quality PU bags will pollute the environment and also threaten our health. Actually one chemical molecule in this bag will bring radiation to the environment and our body. So our skin will feel uncomfortable with often use of this kind of bag, especially in summer.
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2.Then it cannot be washed cleanly by water or oil. The reason is that the water and oil will make PU bags fade easily. 

Getting the right PU bags will make yourself keep fabulous in all the Summer.

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