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Take care of leather handbags
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2012-11-07

Each want to do, a leather bag dirty? Dust, dirt and oil will cause a huge destruction, leather handbags time. A proper care, this is can imagine to enjoy almost constant designer handbags. 

Pay special attention to the region's leather bag, such as the handle and the button. These sections are often the most likely is the first sign that dirt leather is treatment the most. 

Don't put any commercial cleaning products, alcohol or turpentine as the foundation project to a leather bag. The revitalization of it rather than choose to use bath the baby, and superfine fibre towel. 

dilute a drop or two of formula baby wash 10 ounces of water. Will this combination to a sprayer. 

Directly spray, which fiber towel rather than bag. 

take the wet towel to wipe gently to bag for food leather, the smooth, even stroke. 

Another common problem is grab bag. 

application matching shoe polish is permissible slight change leather handbags. 

, this is only a temporary solution to leather bag, will disappear in a very short period of time. 

Easy to use, to against Poland. Excessive use can bring about leather handbags hardening. 

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Accept the fact that some dyeing leather handbag was unable to complete a home cleaning method. Such as oil stains, ink, wax or lipstick will require to get rid of the dry cleaning service professional, the specialty is engaged in the leather products.


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