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The designer handbags five rules of the correct choice
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2012-11-08

The designer handbags is a figure of a woman main details. But it is important choice according to your own taste and style handbags. In this paper we will tell you about five major rules, can help you make the right choice, not with your purchase feel disappointed.


1 size. Remember, handbags bride or elegant evening handbags, Hollywood stars wear in the Oscar ceremony can be very small. But in these cases, a handbag serve only as a decorative function. All other circumstances, you need to a handbag can easily carry mobile phone, wallet and cosmetics. Even a evening handbag shoulds not be too small, in any case. But you should not go to extremes. A big handbags, looks more like an invisible package may not through your fashion image. By the way, it is difficult to find things need to be in a too big handbag also.


2 color. A lot of people like colorful handbags. Some people like to designer handbags leather and metal or golden light. But most women choose the "safe" neutral color handbag. In this season of red and blue is the most popular color handbags. If you wear bright shoes, you already know how to use color and make your Allies. But if you like you can choose black, brown or white handbags, they never go out of style.


3 convenient. Do you know how many heavy and bulky some type of handbags? This is why buy handbag had better try. If you feel comfortable handbags, if it's not too heavy, even if it is empty, then it is a good choice. Remember, no matter size handbags should be comfortable, because you will take it every day.


Four seasons, fashion details. Velvet, bright motivation, decorative flowers and feather is seasonal details. If you buy the adornment element such as designer handbags, you should know, it can go out of the way, but not quickly. In this season of all people, you will be the center of attention this designer handbags.


5 classic trend. This designer handbags leather will always timely will you long. For example, leather bag and handbags leopard print become classic now. A classic handbag won't have too much adornment detail


When you want to buy a handbag designer, think what kind of clothes will be in what season a year can put on it. Of course, if your handbag is the ideal transfer to your shoes, but it is a typical rules, you don't have to follow strict nowadays.


To buy a handbag, you should not only pay attention to its good looks. Quality is very important a handbag. The handbag designer are of the highest quality, is always fashion, will you for a long time. Remember, if you buy authentic designer handbag - fashion brand, to ensure the quality. The designer handbags you always will attract attention and handbags will emphasize your personal style and taste.



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