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Handbag ideogram position, power, beauty and guarding secret
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2012-11-09

Personal bag several thousand years. Bag is a fusion of the science and technology and social change and they express cultural progress, in the fashion. As a concealer and a symbol, they played the role of the contradiction, the psychology and the practices of the body. The development of jewelry, currency, cosmetics, transportation, cell phone, and other personal assistant nature and function, pure and fresh and refined handbags.


Cloth and leather bag and belt fastener become personal machine is on the sixteenth century. Women use their travel and simple working tools day. Bags cloth was trimmed the jewelry and embroidery in the 17 and 18 century, leather handbags each occasion since like lipstick, perfume bottle, powder, business CARDS, and smelling salt can't touch.


The twentieth century bag use different materials. Their goal is in unusual shapes, internal cabin, and complicated closed, and lock. Designer leather handbags anger in the 1950 s. Hermes, Louis vuitton, dior, gucci, chanel, and other design bag, construction, and final impression. The era of the 1960 s as a symbol of peace and angel handbag cultural change.

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