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Scamadviser Scam!
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2014-01-11

Have you google our company gzdreamway recently and found that a website called Scamadviser rating our gzdreamway website as untrustworthy, and this ScamAdviser actually is actually an SEO company,it is on the web just these few months.


Many of our customers were as equally confused as you are. Some write to ask us (we are really appreciated they can give us a chance to explain),some just jump into a conclusion that our website is not trustworthy at all (Do you know you really breaks our heart).


Anyway, pls allow us to explain, thanks.

Dreamway is a handbag factory in China for around 10year,Our factory is located in HuaDu,Guangzhou, we supply all kinds of different bags&luggage for all clients, our products are exported to all over the world, During the past 10 years,we have win a good reputation from our clients, our factory policy is always First Quality and Best Service.


Whatever Scamadviser is doing they are not only hurting our reputations but also they acted like a modern day mafia, trying to bully us into paying them money for an unworthy ‘trust’ seal or even advertise on their websites to generate some worthless traffic (which some claims they hire their own staff to click on ads).they claimed that they don't sell anything.,they are free, but do need to  you want You see they asking for minimum budget of $5,000 for advertising.If you not believed it is scam, than it is a liar. They more look similar to a commercial site, with posting on the web for traffic and spamming on search engine!


Scamadviser, What are you doing? Are you really so kind to help people? No!Just for money!!!


we try to contacted them kindly, but they always reply "we will refresh in 48 hours",but 48days have been gone, they still not refresh their date, I search their site on google and Yahoo, finally,I know what Scamadviser is! what they have done for all E-Business, here, I'm attached some for you all refs,I also encourage you to check your own site in their site, maybe you will be as angry as we are. 




if you are interested in our product but still doubtful, we totally understand, So, we will attached some of our Document Paper for all your guys refs, If you have any changes to Guangzhou,China, pls come to our factory, we will let you know the real Dreamway, thank you.


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