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Physical exertion symptoms remind you to have a good rest
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2015-09-21


People will have the ability to work, will create value. Only people who create value, will have the meaning of life. However, since there is a labor capacity, there will certainly be a disease symptoms, or tired of the symptoms, then, in the end what is the body to remind you to take a good rest.
Morning is not willing to get up in the morning
If the male has the phenomenon that the morning is not willing to get up in the morning, we must remember that this may be the body to tell you, I haven't had enough rest, I have not recovered, I need more time to rest and adjust. Well, men might as well in a day, choose to sleep a little longer, so that the body to recover.
Unable to walk up
Men walk on the wind, but if you cannot lift, it is too tired due to. In this case, the male must know how to stop the foot, a good way bag supplier to ease their work, you can go on the road again. For example, when you travel, if not lift up, don't force yourself, rest.
No longer participate in social activities
Some men like to take part in social activities, but also like to make friends. But if you suddenly feel that the heart is willing to go to the party, or the party, and you don't want to take part in social activities, tell you that your body is deliberately refusing to consume a lot of energy, and you need a rest.
Don't speak in a daze feeble.
The body is soft, unwilling to speak, even to laugh to smile, there is sitting in there have been thinking about in a daze, or is in a daze, even mind what is not clear, or feel faint, just breathe, simply do not want to move, when, feel the breath, tired to panic, well, the rest, man.
Inexplicable error
Originally you is a very careful person, work nor any mistake, but suddenly has a variety of errors occur, and memory decline is severe, even work are no interest and enthusiasm, not to mention the spirit to deal with anything, well, your body against you, too tired.
Of course, mental fatigue is more serious, for example, you often fall asleep, or chat with people on the sleep, these conditions, the whole body is too tired to cause. Man is man, not a not to sleep without the rest of the bag factory animal, so don't try to be brave, time is a good rest.
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