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Proper care should abandon these bad habits
Dreamway Handbag Factory 2015-09-22


1.Excessive exfoliating
Of different ages and skin exfoliating time is different: oil mixed acne skin, male compatriots, once a month; dry, sensitive about 40 days time, the main T zone based, with over cheeks like; 25+ sister paper, with your current age -25 + 28 = metabolic cycle of the skin, that is, you need to exfoliate the skin time.
2.Random for facial massage
Massage can promote skin microcirculation, so that faster absorption of skin care products, but there are certain fixed facial massage methods and procedures. Improper press, pull, twist will lower fragile skin tissue damage, not only can not play a cosmetic effect, but counterproductive.
3.Only for the end of eye cream
Eye Care in fact there are still many people ignore, even with the cream will only be used in the end of eye, because they believe the end of eye fine lines are the most significant and oldest site. But in fact the real eye skin is prone to sagging parts under the eyes, which is the eye, where the eye will produce many of the small grain, and therefore must fully apply eye cream.
4.Naked muscle sleep
If you want to unloaded makeup before going to bed, not just a few people's habits cleansing, then sleep naked muscle that most people bag supplier will commit errors. Night "repair sleep" quality, largely depends on whether skin can be discharged down toxins accumulate during the day. To choose their own bedtime skin care products to make your skin at night to be fully repaired.
5.Only natural skin care products
Many MM pole prefer natural skin care products, even to the extent of non-natural skin care products do not have it! Do you think this will not be an allergy, wrong, long-term this will reduce the skin's resistance, more likely to cause allergies. Quality cosmetics with high quality ingredients, as it is natural or synthetic does not matter!
6.A long bath, hot cleansing
While beneficial to the skin temperature of waste discharge, but often or sauna for a long time, a long bubble bath will make the skin long-term exposure to high temperatures. Excessive sweat secretion the skin will become dry, increasing the pores. Meanwhile heat will promote the expansion of capillaries, skin redness after stimulation. Face will become sensitive, you need to pay attention.
7Frequent replacement of skin care products
In fact, the number of skin princess disease occurrence probability used skin care products are directly proportional. Every few days on the replacement of skin care products, then will cause a variety of skin care ingredients are absorbed by the skin, if a problem occurs it is difficult to identify the causes allergies, the treatment effect will be reduced, and its replacement cosmetics to keep looking for bag factory their own, as determine their own products after stick.
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