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This is the blog of Dreamway Bag Factory, we are sharing some fashion news,it maybe about handbag,fashion accessories and lifestyle, ect.

How to Design Your Totebag?

Life is too short to carry and ugly Bag, so, If you already have a consistent personal style that you want to follow, since you feel good working with it, that’s great! Let’s Go for it!

custom bags

Step 1.
Trend research is absolutely essential for custom tote bags,there are a lot of differences in taste between different groups of women.firtly, please make sure your target clients? For example, ask yourself whether you are creating a handbag for a young girl who usually has catch ups with friends, goes to parties and festivals, and loves trendy and playful styles, or if you are designing with a more mature woman in mind; someone who travels, cares about culture and prefers a simpler, more minimalist kind of style.TOTE BAG FACTORY
How much would they be willing to pay for it? this will design what kinds of fabric you will use for your collection.

Step 2

Sketches and technical drawings is the next step, certainly be the foundation of your new creation. During this process, One of the key things I noticed from those classic Tote bags is how the shoulder strap attached to the bag instead of the ends. This allows it to lay flatter against the body instead of bumping up against your hip while walking. These sketches helped me think through the various practical details. 


Step 3

Sampling, the last and final process in your handbag design and development phase. In order to reach this step without any major mishaps, you should very much pay attention to the previous four steps. I have come across many designers who weren’t able to get to this stage without overcompensating, because they simply underestimated the importance of these steps and failed as a result.

That’s it. Pat yourself on the back. You are now ready for the new photo-shoot and update your website and share your new babies with the world. Good luck!


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