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This is the blog of Dreamway Bag Factory, we are sharing some fashion news,it maybe about handbag,fashion accessories and lifestyle, ect.

What is ECO RPET Fabric?

Recently, many clients ask us about the RPET Fabric, what is Rpet Fabric?
Can it use for bags, for clothing?

If i told you, my Custom tote bags, my T-shits were made of recycled water bottles! On other items, you’ll see this type of material called anything from RPET, rePETE,or Recycle Fabric, No matter the name, these describes material made using recycled PET plastic, it is recycled from ocean waste, it can be fully recycled.


RPET Fabric is the most common type of plastic resin,it’s made from recycled plastic (PET) bottles.Water bottles are collected and brought to a recycling facility.
At the recycling facility the conversion process of turning waste into wearable fabric begins:

1.Seperate the bottles and the caps, labels
2.cut the bottles into pieces
3.Yarns are pulled from the melted polyester
4.Plastic bottles are then processed into flakes
5.The raw filament yarns are spun into yarn and ultimately woven into variety of different fabrics

recycled materials

The Whole Process of RPET is a ECO, valuable, and recycled raw material perfect for the clothing, bag factory, and other textiles industry.

no waste, no more resources, RPET make the worlds more Green.


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